Fiona Maguire is a certified Hatha, Peri-natal (pre and post natal) and Childrens yoga teacher. Fiona began practising yoga in 2006.  In 2008 she completed a year-long intensive Hatha Yoga teacher training course with Analia Ganga in Yoga Om, Argentina.  She then continued her Hatha studies under Swami Digambarananda of Bindu Yoga, Madrid and Upendra Arya of Kala Yoga, Barcelona.  

In 2012, Fiona enjoyed a natural labour and birthed her first baby at home in a birth pool, using yoga poses and conscious breathing to guide her. Since becoming a mother, Fiona has come to a clear understanding of the benefits of Yoga for pregnancy, birth and motherhood which lead her to study peri-natal yoga (Yoga Alliance Accredited) in The Elbowroom, in Dublin in 2013.  This includes Pregnancy yoga, Mum and Baby Yoga and Active Birth.  She began teaching pregnancy yoga in 2014 (in The Elbowroom studios and in Clontarf) and especially enjoyed sharing her second pregnancy with her students.  In December 2014 she qulaified as a Childrens Yoga teacher with the Elbowroom and subsequently taught pre-schoolers which she found very enriching!  In 2015 Fiona became a mother of two when her son was born at home on her landing!  


In 2016 Fiona and her family moved out of Dublin, and she currently teaches pregnancy yoga weekly at Teach Dara Community Centre, Kildare Town.  Fiona guides Active Birth workshops in Dublin with experienced midwife and lactation consultant, Colette Donnelly.  In 2017 she was accredited a La Leche League leader (breastfeeding councillor) by La Leche League International. This experience of supporting mothers and babies in their breastfeeding journeys and leading large groups in meetings with LLL has copper-fastened her understanding of the importance of building a supportive community for mothers and families. In the beautiful summer of 2018 Fiona birthed her 3rd baby in the most magical way - under a birch tree in her back garden!  This empowering experience has made her even more passionate about birth and the strength of the female body.  

As a way to offer online support, Fiona created a youtube channel, where she shares videos and tutorials on yoga, birth, breastfeeding and mothering.  https://bit.ly/MammaMagic


Fiona is passionate about empowering women to believe in their innate strength and confidence to birth and mother with ease and joy.   With her years of teaching yoga, and of mothering, her classes provide a peaceful place to unwind yet become revitalised through the wisdom of yoga for pregnancy and birth.  Class sizes are limited so as to enable special guidance for each individual student. She is clear, dedicated and attentive and is comitted to continuing her yoga training through her personal practice, workshops and courses.  



Hatha Yoga

Hatha is a classical style of yoga which incorporates asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques) and relaxation.  Hatha yoga aims to strengthen the body, improve flexibility of body and mind, quiet the mind and nurture the spirit.  Suitable for beginner and seasoned yogis alike, these classes are designed for those interested in improving physical, mental and spiritual health.  This is a time to relax, restore and re-energise.  Each class concludes with a relaxing meditation session.


Although I am qualified to teach Hatha Yoga, I am not currently teaching a Hatha Yoga class. 

Pre-natal Yoga

Practicing Yoga during pregnancy can be very beneficial. The physical practice (postures or asanas) strengthens the body, increasing stamina and alleviating any discomforts. Breathwork and relaxation calm the mind and allow some precious time to bond with your baby. Practical tools and tips for labour will increase your confidence.  Meeting other Mums-to-be provides a social outlet of camaraderie and support and often new friendships are formed as a result.  


A new 6 week course will be starting at on the 16th of September, 2019 in Teach Dara Community Centre, Academy road, Kildare Town.  This will run for 6 weeks each Monday from 6.30-8pm.  Get in touch to book your place!



Childrens Yoga

Childrens Yoga is an interesting and fun way to introduce children to yoga and it's many benefits. Through games, stories, songs and adventures, they learn yoga postures which improves physical strength and stamina, balance and flexibility. Breathing exercises improves focus, concentration and increases lung capacity.


Overall, yoga for kids reduces stress, increases body awareness while stimulating young immaginations and having lots of fun.   

Active Birth Workshops

Preparation is key for a positive birth experience.  I have teamed up with experienced Midwife and Lactation Consultant Colette Donnelly, for an informative and interactive birth preparation workshop.  In this workshop you will gain an in-depth understanding of the birthing process, learn breathing and relaxation techniques, practise positions for labour and birth, build self and couple confidence and learn about post-natal care and breastfeeding.




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